Living, Laughing and Losing (34 goals for 2014)

Who's late on their Resolutions?  This Chick. That's Who.

Who’s late on their Resolutions? This Chick. That’s Who.

January 24th will be my 34th birthday.  Yikes. 34!?! seriously. Last time I looked I was 23. Now, I’m going to be 34 with a 17 mos old, a husband, a playful labrador, a mortgage and just about anything else “grown-up” you can think of.

I find that having a baby will change you in ways that most people don’t mention.  When I was pregnant I was definitely nesting for pretty much the entire time.  I planted plants, cleaned, discovered and created new projects, went to church more, laughed a lot, napped a lot and just did more things at home.  As soon as Maternity leave was over, it was back to the trenches and like a sad Disney Movie, all those pretty “home” projects withered away.  I found myself stressed, tired and always running behind again.

I don’t think my bun in the oven gave me super powers, but I do believe it helped me to focus on what really matters: family and laughter.  Sure I wasn’t always the happiest of preggo ladies, but dang it, I loved having the excuse to put my feet up and read a book or sew pillow covers or just think about ways to improve our home, lifestyle and more..all on a budget mind you.

So for 2014, I want to lose the baby weight, I want to set a bunch of goals that will help me to spend more time with family, get out and be adventurous and just plain be happy.  Here goes nothin’…

34 Goals for 2014

  1.   Get a Full Body Massage

  2.   Go Rock climbing

  3.   Find at least 1 Pinterest Project per month and finish it

  4.   Meal Plan for my family and create a Weekly Menu

  5.   Take Family Photos with a professional Photographer

  6.   Kiss My Husband Outside the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas

  7.   Make a Blanket Fort and watch movies in it.

  8.   Buy a Pair of Expensive Boots

  9.   Complete a 1,000+ piece puzzle with my husband

  10.  Tile my Bathroom Floor Myself (with help of course)

  11.  Catch a Fish

  12.  Volunteer at a Local Shelter or Food Shelf

  13.  Make a Macaroni Necklace with My Son, Timothy

  14.  Grow My Own Food

  15.  Run Through a Sprinkler with My Son, Timothy

  16.  Ride a Horse

  17.  Read at least 3 new books

  18.  Blog More / read blogs often because they inspire me

  19.  Pay for a random person’s Groceries or Gas

  20.  Can something (tomatoes, pickles, etc)

  21.  Take a Sewing / Quilting Class

  22.  Take a Kickboxing Class

  23.  Sign up for and run a Fun Run (Color Run / Warrior Dash / etc)

  24.  Drink More Water

  25.  Fit into an Airplane Seat with EXTRA Room (aka shrink those hips)

  26.  Make Apple Pie..The Kind in a Jar.

  27.  Try at least 15 kinds of Herbal Tea.

  28.  Squat 150lbs

  29.  Invite Friends and Family for a ‘game night” at least 4 times

  30.  Buy and wear my first WOMEN’s Northface Jacket

  31.  Lose half my age in body fat %  (17%)

  32.  Take a College Course towards completing my degree

  33.  Have Lunch from a Food Truck

  34.  Get more Quality Sleep


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