A Quick Word Before Bed…


twitter-iconIn a final skim of my Twitter Feed tonight before bed…I found this…

When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself.

AMEN. Something to think about as we start a whole new week.


You Say Easter…I Say Heartburn.


Lordy lordy lordy was Easter amazing today. Great time with family and friends but that’s not all.  Easter brunch today turned out FABOOSH!  The Arugula Salad was amazing (even if I had to sub nectarines since evidently all apricots are being held hostage somewhere) plus the corned beef hash was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Add in a Colorado Bulldog, and umpteen extra calories and sheer foodie richness and we’ve got ourselves an acidic ticking time bomb.Corned Beef Hash It was so good..and I am SO paying for it.  I’m eating rolaids like it’s my job. Isagenix Cleanse tomorrow.  It will be my first. I want to apologize to anyone I my come in contact with tomorrow. I will be going through the Gruyere Shakes and the Chocolate tort DTs.

Get out your Betty Draper and make it snappy.


bettydraperdinnerUntil about two weeks ago, we planned to return to North Dakota to see family.  Then the great “flood” of 2014 came to the cabin known as “Sump Pumps didn’t do their job”.  So, with the Cabin still under renovation, we decided to stay home and have a small intimate brunch here.  The hardest part?  The Menu.

There are a few things in the world that I’m OC and/or totally snobby about…Tablescaping and Menus for get togethers.  The ONLY time we use half of our wedding gifts is when we entertain. When people are coming over we put on our best show.  I wish I could say it makes me shallow..but really …let’s be honest..it makes me FABULOUS!

So I’ll be bringing out the linens, fresh flowers and polish the stemmed water glasses…but have no fear..I may look like Breakfast at Tiffany’s…but we’ll be back to Denny’s with gravy on our shirt by Monday.

Making my Easter Brunch Menu….Man this is tough..It will be a house full of foodies…I want Rich and flavorful mixed with healthy..so it’s proving a little bit tough..

So Far..
Corned Beef Hash
Poached Eggs
Cinnamon Rolls
Asparagus Tart with Gruyere & Goat Cheese
Arugula & Apricot Salad
Spiced White Chocolate Tarts with Fresh Berries


I Want Corned Beef Hash.


Not in the can though.  Although it’s tasty and really good with eggs, the canned stuff is kinda like the Spam of the Corned Beef Hash world.  I’ve had a corned beef in my freezer for a couple weeks and thankfully talked my peeps into “BRUNCH” for Easter. So, I’m making homemade Corned Beef Hash.

Still trying to figure out the rest of the menu.  Everyone keeps asking me.  Personally, isn’t Corned Beef Hash a well rounded meal in itself.  Besides, I should probably make a ham or something as well.  I’m not planning on sharing.

Sunday’s hash could be an utter disaster since usually when I eat Corned Beef Hash it’s 3am and I’m plastered into a booth at an all-night diner somewhere.  But I’ll take a crack at it.

I’ve been on Isagenix now for almost two weeks. I really like it, however, I need to lock up my schedule and get all the parts in order.  I’d love to say there were a million things keeping me from being perfect. Yes there are ..but really, I’ve just been lazy.  I spent way too much money on my 30-day challenge to dial it in.  So I’m thinking that my first Isagenix cleanse will be either monday or the weekend following.

Amping up at the gym..working on a new schedule so I can work on my consistency, since that is my biggest culprit of the fitness dementors that creep the scale back up.

Oh and I can’t stop watching #DeviousMaids on Lifetime..holy crap batman..it’s so good..like bad for you good. like cheesecake.

The break up


Dear coffee..
I have known this conversation would happen at some point, but I guess we never really can prepare for things like this. I don’t know how to turn my back on my best friend. you’ve been with me through celebration and through countless tired mornings, but it’s time.
it’s time to give up bad breath and barista languages ..you ‘ll always be more than a ten to me..a venti.

But it’s time i take my life into my own hands rather than be tied down to you. So with this I saw farewell, coffee. And bring on being healthy and happy

I’m still here..



OMG so much has happened in the past few weeks that I’m literally laying in bed attempting to send this quick post without dropping my iPhone on my face.
In a nutshell:
Las Vegas
Frozen four hockey
March madness bracket 2nd place
Surprise From In laws
New words for Timothy
Obsession with target & navy blue
Random bouts of mindless eating ;(
New workout playlist

Oy! Full post tomorrow ..