Brook Stephens


BrookStephens_glasses duckWell if there is anything I’ve come to the conclusion of, it’s that Fitness, weight loss, shoot even life always has room for another DAY 1. We stumble and fall off the “bandwagon”..for me it feels more like a PLUMMET at times, but it’s all about picking ourselves back up, dusting off as best we can then taking the next step forward.

Come along with me through fitness, clean eating, parenting, and everything else that comes with the life of a first time mom, carb lover and dreamer of skinny jeans that don’t look like sausage casings.

I am mom, a wife, a radio DJ, a music junkie and Pinterest sends my productivity into a downward spiral.

You can find me on the air on Country Radio Stations around the United States and on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram as well.  I love to connect with fans of fitness, clean eating…ok let’s get serious here…I like to connect with anyone!  I feel the more the merrier!


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