Brook Stephens


LeightonBroadcasting_WEB-288.jpgWell if there is anything I’ve come to the conclusion of, it’s that fitness and weight loss, shoot even life, always has room for another DAY 1. We stumble and fall off the “bandwagon”..for me it feels more like a PLUMMET at times, but it’s all about picking ourselves back up, dusting off as best we can then taking the next step forward.

I’ve literally been through EVERYTHING in the world of “weight loss”.  From shakes & challenges to fitness fads and more, I’ve seen huge losses but in the end wound up missing what I was really looking for:  ME.

In the past two years, I’ve done some serious “me” work.  From introspective to Physical Gains, I’ve finally found a great groove that is giving me more than just me.  I’m finding happiness and contentment through goals both personally and professionally 


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