The Trainers Who Dared Define This Girl


I have been blessed with amazing Mentors in Fitness all of my adult life.  Some just came into my life without me even looking for them.  Their dedication to fitness and helping me understand ME has been the biggest asset I could ask for. They have been kind yet demanding and have been teachers, best friends and mentors.  If you can find a personal trainer in your area that gives you these things, do everything you can to keep them close to your journey! You won’t regret it!


List of Trainer I am currently working with:


Brian (B-Man) Gasser – Sta-Fit Sartell
Brian has yet to give me a bio so for now we’ll just say, he’s the sultan of Squats and the Purveyor of Presses.  He’s been with Sta-Fit close to 10 years and really knows his stuff.  He also looks badass in BlueSteel as shown below.  And no..he doesn’t like wearing shirts..they fear him.







Kevin (Calves) Hardy – Sta-Fit & Endurunce Shop
Kevin came into my life as my first REAL Trainer back in 2004.  Kevin is the reason I didn’t go under the knife with a Back fusion at the young age of 24.  He showed me how powerful the body can be and helped me catch the real fitness bug for the first time.
He was a personal trainer then, now he’s the owner of Sta-Fit, The EnduRunce Shop and more.  I’m lucky to call him friend and to get a session or two with him when Brian is unavailable.


Here’s a list of the key players that I’ve worked with in the past:


JR Burgess (CFO / Vice President & Certified Personal Trainer)
JR Burgess is the reason I started in the beginning of my pre-baby body transformation. His one on one training sessions, nutritional counseling and over all motivation led me to a 75 lb+ / 48in weight loss.

Dr. Joel Baumgartner, MD
Dr. B., as I call him, has been essential to my weight loss journey including helping me through aches and pains in a less invasive manor and even with the use of supplements rather than pain meds and other pharmaceuticals.

Ben Thayer (Certified Personal Trainer)
Ben Thayer is my current trainer. He puts up with my crazy, counsels me on everything from technique to nutrition and is the reason I’ve fallen in love with Lifting.  Ben went from Rejuv to Sta-Fit then sadly to the Army.  Ben is officially my Mestie.  My Man-Bestie and we still talk on the regular about fitness and other shenanigans while he is becoming an officer in the U.S. Army.



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