New Projects and New Perspectives


It’s always amazing to me when my husband and I can build these great projects together.  Projects that require a high level of passion, creativity and patience seem effortless to us.  Then you come to things like who’s gonna do the dishes and it’s warfare.  The more I chat with my inner circle of friends, the more I realize this is more common than we would think.

So, Charlie and I, work at these great projects to give to others.  I tried to sell them, but my heart wasn’t it in for the sale.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a few extra bucks here and there, but the pressure of meeting deadlines just killed by vibe.  So now, unless it’s something I’ve directly worked out with someone, I don’t take random orders and I definitely don’t ship.

Create. That is what we do.  And we’re pretty proud of it.


Fixing my Marriage…and self …one Pinterest project at a time.


Finding my path to health and wellness has not come easy to me.  I can see, plain as day, what I need to do, but the motivation to do so, is another ordeal entirely.

Stress from work, home, family, money, blah blah blah…has really put a damper on my spirit as of late and I’m looking for outlets to bring back my vigor, my creative, fun nature and my drive.  I may have found it.

Charlie working 1My husband and I have started “projects”.  The kind of projects that either fill our house, are gifted to others, or sold for a little extra cash.  There is something lively and electric about the search for the perfect pieces to our masterpieces.  Sometimes it’s a simple drive to the Home Depot or Thrift Store, other times it a 30 min drive to get wooden pallets from a friends farm.  It’s always an adventure and always a challenge.

When we get the products, it about how we can do it better than the last time, improve it, get MORE creative and Charlie and I just gel during these!

Projects_workingWe get so caught up in our crazy lives that Charlie and I tend to nit-pick at each other for the dumbest things.  When we are creating together, however, it’s like a new spark, a new journey and it’s so refreshing.  It’s like craft time for adults!

Someday, we’ll teach Timothy how to use the saws, hammers and more to create for himself, but for now, Pinterest has become the catalyst to our “date nights” and I’m so grateful!

Chalkboard_joy to the world Chalkboard_joy wreath Chalkboard_little things
Pallet Art_Framed Monograms winerack_1 winerack_2