Citrus Rosemary Roasted Chicken and Sugar Cookie Oatmeal (an I Love Pinterest Post)



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In the world of Clean Eating, there are a two things I’ve come to the startling conclusion of:

1.  Not all Clean Eating Recipes are GOOD for weight loss.

2.  It doesn’t have to say Clean Eating to BE Clean Eating.

It’s cold here.  Really Cold.  Like -7 F is the Temperature at 2pm and the wind chill is -24 F.  No, I don’t live in the arctic and, no, we don’t have polar bears.  What we do have is the need for indoor activities and what better activities than cooking up some new clean meals in the kitchen! yay!

So of course I took to my good ol’ buddy Pinterest on this one.  If you search for Clean Eating recipes you’ll pretty much find a dominance of pins from Tara McNitt (Undressed

Skeleton website / pinterest) and Tiffany McCauley (The Gracious Pantry website / pinterest ).  Although they have some seriously awesome posts and constantly bring new ideas to the cutting board, sometimes you want to feel like you’re not having to steer that far from everyday food.  Here’s the part where your mind gets blown.  Much of today’s recipes are already clean, we just don’t realise it!  If they aren’t, usually a simple substitution on an item or two will convert it to clean status!

Here are two recipes I am going to try out this weekend!

and this one!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

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