I Feel Bad For Most Of You…


So much yes!!

Intermittent Musings Of A Middle Aged Mind

You don’t know the joy of NHL Playoff Hockey…

The names Henrik, Crosby, Howe, Yzerman mean nothing to you…

You think the term icing means something you put on cake…

You don’t know that he is “The Great One”


You have no idea the difference between the blue line, the red line and the goal line…

You have no idea what we are saying when we say “The Blueshirts play The Habs” or when “The Fish and The Avs face off at 7pm”

Cujo is NOT a scary dog from a Stephen King book…

You can’t pronounce Ovechkin, can you?

You don’t know that the man on the right is a national treasure…


You have no idea that they play for Lord Stanley! The Stanley Cup, simply the best trophy in all sports primarily because when you win, your name goes on the trophy. Not just the team name, every…

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